LOC or LCO Moisturising Methods

LOC or LCO Moisturising Methods

How we prep our hair for styling is a very important factor when the goal is added moisture and manageability. The LOC method is popular regime adapted by naturalistas.

  • “L” stands for Liquid/ Leave In Conditioner
  • “O” stands for Oil
  • “C” stands for cream

The order in which you will layer each of these products will depend on your hair type and porosity.

Tips for Low Porosity Hair

If you have low porosity hair i.e. your hair doesn’t easily absorb products then it is recommended that you follow LCO layering method. This means you will apply a leave-conditioner, cream and lastly seal with and oil.  Oil should be applied last as you want to enclose as much moisture in the hair.


Tips for High Porosity Hair

If your hair is highly porous and tends to absorb and lose moisture quickly you should follow an LOC layering method. This means you will layer oil between moisturisers to create multiple seals that will trap moisture in the hair shaft.

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