Every thing you need to know about Hair Type, Texture, Porosity and Density

Every thing you need to know about Hair Type, Texture, Porosity and Density

Have you ever watched a video where the model or content creator shows you how to achieve a certain hair style? You stopped to watch the whole video (twice) because he/she seemed to have the “same hair type” as yours – surely whatever works for them would work for you too right? After watching the video you rushed to the store with full confidence and bought exactly the same hair products that had been used but after several hours of carefully twisting, plopping, fluffing and drying your hair did not come out anywhere close to what was promised. We know the feeling (cue tears of frustration and vows to shave our hair off).

Understanding your hairs own characteristics and needs is very important when shopping for your hair care products. Even though your afro, waves, curls or coils may look like someone else’s, everyone’s hair is quite unique and may have different requirements.

When it comes to hair care there isn’t a one box fits all product solution.

Its easy to get discouraged if your frizz free hair goals never quite work out but there are some check boxes you can tick to help you narrow down the characteristics of your hair. Knowing more about your hair type, hair texture, hair density and hair porosity will help you understand and adjust your product purchases and product usage according to what your hair really needs!

  • Hair Types: This refers to the pattern of your hair which is often defined as being either straight, wavy curly or coily. To figure out your hair type consider the  natural curl pattern of your your wet hair with some conditioner applied. By understanding our hair type we can understand some general characteristics to watch out for in building up a healthy hair care regimen. You can figure out why your hair is prone to frizz or breakage for example and also what you can do to reduce this.
  • Learn more about the characteristics of your hair type here.


  • Hair Texture & Density: Texture refers to the circumference of your hair i.e. Are your hair strands fine, medium or thick? You can determine your texture by comparing a strand of your hair with piece of string. If your hair is fine it will be thinner than the thread. Medium textures are similar to the with of a thread and coarse hair is slightly thicker than a piece of thread.
  • Density on the other hand refers to how much hair you have on your head per square cm. This is sometimes referred to as the “fullness” of your hair.  Its important to note that you can have a fine hair texture but still have high density hair or vice versa. Our hair texture and density influences what type of products we should be buying e.g. butters and creams versus light weight moisturisers and stylers.


  • Hair Porosity:  This refers to how quickly your hair absorbs or loses moisture? If your hair takes what feels like several days to dry then you probably have low porosity hair. This means that your hair absorbs and loses moisture slowly. Because hair porosity impacts how easily our hair is able to absorb moisture from products, knowing whether we have high medium or low porosity will inform the hairstyling techniques we should use when applying our products. For people with high porosity hair or low porosity hair, applying products in any random sequence can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle.   You can learn more about correct product application techniques for low and high porosity  hair here.

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