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Hair Growth & Hairline


Hair Grows from a root in our scalp known as a follicle. The health of the follicle can be affected by factors such as hormones, medication and even our styling regimes. For example, if you opt for tight hairstyles you can create a constant tension effect on the hair follicle to a point where the hair from that follicle is eventually uprooted. In some cases this hair does not grow back! Avoiding hair loss caused by tension (i.e. traction alopecia) is easy when you quickly react to the signs of hair loss. Use our range of oils and scalp treatments to stimulate a healthy scalp and healthy hair growth!


Losing hair can be depressing and frustrating especially if living with bald patches is not a style choice. Balding is usually brought on by genetic predisposition and can become onset at any point in life. It is good to understand that we can’t reverse genetics by using treatments such as oils and creams but we can try  delay the onset of balding by adopting a good regime that includes the use of growth stimulating products and scalp stimulating techniques.

Do you know what is affecting your hair growth?

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