Curly Hair Type


Made up of springy curls that vary from a loopy, “S” shaped pattern to a defined corkscrew pattern

There are different ways of understanding your hair type. We use the traditional Hair Chart method as this often makes it easier for most people who are new to hair typing to figure out the best place to start for their hair. The Hair Chart is based on a numbering and lettering sequence.

Straight Hair is Type 1
Wavy Hair is Type 2
Curly Hair is Type 3
Coily Hair is Type 4

Within each hair type you will will get variations in the degree of curl tightness. This is graded from A – C with “A” being the looser variant and “C” representing a tighter variant for a particular group. So a Type 3A pattern is looser than a Type 3C pattern but a type 3C pattern is looser than a 4A.

What's your TYPE?

3A hair is made up of well-defined and springy curls that have a loopy, “S” shaped pattern.This curl type benefits from lots of body and movement, but is prone to frizzing and dryness.

3B hair is made up of well-defined, spiral curls that range from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews. This curl type benefits from lots of body and movement but is prone to frizzing and dryness.

3C hair is made up of well-defined, tight corkscrews or coils with lots of strands densely packed together. This curl type is prone to dryness, tangles, and a lack of curl definition.

Did you know that is is very common to have more than one curl type on your head. Each persons hair is very unique and you can have a mix e.g. Type 2 and Type 3 curls or Type 3 and Type 4. If you are unsure about your curl pattern then select the option that is predominant on your head. As you start to learn more about what your hair likes and best responds to you can adjust your product use and styling techniques based on your porosity, density and thickness.


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Choose the right products for your hair POROSITYDENSITYTYPE


Porosity refers to you hairs ability to absorb and retain moisture.


Hair Density refers to the thickness of your hair or how much hair you have on your scalp.


Texture – Is your hair straight, wavy, curly or coily?

We'll be STRAIGHT with you!

We get it, part of the awesomeness of curly/coily hair is that we can switch it up and play with so many different styles. From braids and plaits, to high puffs and wash and go’s. We can even take it one step further and temporarily straighten our curls (just do it the healthy way). The Agave Lavender Silk Press collection offers the perfect temporary straightening solution for all hair types.

How long will it last me? Until your next wash day (Exposure to steam or  moisture will cause your hair to revert to curly).

Our top tips: Always use the the right tools when thermally straightening your hair and be sure to watch the temperature setting you expose your hair to. Check out our detailed post on choosing the right temperature setting for your hair.

Want a longer wearing straightening solution?

STS is the perfect solution for the curly girl who wants the best of both

Design Essential Strengthening Therapy System (STS) is a professional exclusive collection designed to give you the increased curl definition and to make thermal smoothing a breeze. This system is great for the curly girl who loves to switch it up between curly and straight and who knows that in order to do that your hair needs to be reinforced and strengthened.

How long will it last me? The STS system last up to 12 weeks in the hair (correct home maintenance is key!)







CELEBRATEEMBRACE the diversity of curly hair!

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