Are your hair care tools damaging your hair?

Are your hair care tools damaging your hair?

Did you know that your hair care tools and accessories could be the reason you are experiencing breakage and split ends!

Your hair is affected by your general health, genetics as well as the manipulation that we put it through. Even when taking precautions we can unknowingly cause damage to our tresses.

Here are 5 things to watch out for that could lead to hair damage:


1. Look out for Broken teeth on your comb

If your comb or brush has seen better days then they can easily cause snagging and pulling of the hair as you are brushing.  This can cause split ends or expand existing split ends in the hair shaft


2. Avoid using  high heat settings when styling  your hair

Our hair can easily become damaged by heat if you use the wrong temperature setting on your hair. This can lead your hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage. The same is true for your blow-dryer or any other heat medium used on your hair. Its important to know the recommended heat temperatures for your hair type  to avoid damage. As an extra measure always use thermal protection like the Bamboo and Silk HCO leave In Conditioner or the Almond Avocado Detangling Leave in Conditioner to protect your hair before heat styling.


3. Use the right tools for the job 

Not having the right tools or using tools  incorrectly can cause damage to the hair. It is always recommend to take a gentle approach when managing your hair especially when combing or detangling your hair. For activities such as detangling start working from the tips and work you way gently down to your roots/ scalp to avoid harsh pulling or breaking of the hair. Start by finger detangling or use a wide tooth detangling comb  or detangling brush before you use a fine tooth comb or styling comb on the hair.


4. Assess your headgear

Hats and doeks are a great go to style that can work as a quick fix or a fashion statement. If the material used is made of cotton or materials like wool that can snag and catch your hair then you may need to consider the damage your fashion accessories may be causing to your strands. Consider lining hats, beanies and doeks with silk or satin material as this protect your hair from snagging or losing moisture.


5. Check your hair ties

Hair bands with metal connectors or rubber bands used on the hair can cause a lot of friction and snagging. Opt for hair ties that do not have any metal connectors  and avoid rubber bands that easily tangle around the hair shaft.

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