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FAQs - Becoming a Sales Agent

There are two agent models available; Sales Agents and Digital Affiliates.

 Sales Agents

  • Sales Agents purchase physical products and resell these products in their communities and networks for profit
  • Sales Agents are independent representatives of the brands (and Niche Hair Care) and bear all liability related to selling and distributing our products.
  • Sales Agents need to meet the minimum spend/ cart value of R3200 when purchasing stock as an agent.


Digital Affiliates:

  • Affiliates are sales marketers and they earn commissions based on sales they have referred to our website.
  • Affiliates market through their social platforms or website by sending out a unique referral link which allows us to track the referrals up to final point of sale and allocate the credit of sale to the correct affiliate.
  • Affiliate will be able to generate their unique link and view the sales they have generated on a private dashboard.
  • No stock purchases or cash investment are required. All orders are fulfilled and processed from our office.
  • Learn more here


The opportunity to join our agent network is open to all residents of South Africa who have an interest in starting a business and are willing to commit time to see the success and growth of their business. If you reside outside of South Africa please contact our office for support.

There is no registration fee. You only need to complete the listing documents and make minimum stock purchase in order to activate your account. Should you fail to make a minimum order value purchase within a given 3 month cycle we will assume you are longer interested in being an agent and you will be de-listed from our marketing and other listings. You will need to resubmit an application whenever you are ready to get started again. The minimum stock purchase (per order) must equal or exceed a value of R3000 to qualify for bulk pricing as an agent.

Registered and approved agents can order on our website

When Agents login to their account they will be diverted to their private dashboard that allows you to quickly navigate through key section such as bulk orders, quick orders, account history and offers.

Agents can also browse the Shopping pages of the website and add any desired products to their cart. Products that are eligible for Agent resale will have an adjusted price. Products that are not authorised for agent resale will reflect to Agents at the Consumer retail price.

Agent pricing can only be viewed when the user is logged into an active agent user account. When viewing the website as a guest you will only be able to view the products at Consumer Retail prices.

Stock can be collected at our Midrand office. Please place your orders online and await notification that your parcel is ready to collect before collecting.

You can opt to have your order couriered to your nominated delivery address (additional shipping fees may for shipping of parcels)

The profit percentage will vary for each brand. On average Sales Agents make a 25% profit margin. Digital Affiliates earn an average commission of 20%.

Learn more about becoming a Digital Affiliates here.

Training opportunities are made available from time to time via video conferencing. Opportunities will be communicated to you ind advance via email. Please ensure that is added as a contact in your mail address book so that you don’t miss any notifications from us!

Training covers, product knowledge and sales tips.

Failure to participate in training could affect your sales and could result in incorrect product information being shared with clients. Agents who are found be be misrepresenting Niche Hair Care or any brands under the Niche Hair Care portfolio may have their accounts deactivated. Please refer to our Ts and Cs for more information.



  1. An agent is an outside sales representative, and is declared to be an Independent sales person, and has no authority to act for or on behalf of Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care, or to bind Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care to any contract or agreement on any matter without the express prior written approval of Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care, nor to accept debts or obligations on its behalf. Agents purchase products from Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care and resell these products at the recommended pricing and in the approved sales platforms.
  2. No other relationship is intended to be created between the parties, and nothing herein shall be construed to give Agent any rights as partner in the business of Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care or entitle Agent to control in any manner the conduct of Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care business, other than as specified.
  3. Both Agent and Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care agree that the relationship created is that of an independent contractor and not that of employee and employer, or franchisor and franchisee, or joint ventures.



  1. Agent purchase products for resale through their private or business network. All costs and expenses incurred by Agent in performing any services under this Agreement, including but not limited to, rentals, salaries, booth or stall fees, telephone, traveling and living expenses, traveling, entertainment, office, clerical, maintenance displays and advertisements, and other marketing and sales expenses shall be borne solely by Agent and shall not be reimbursed by Niche Hair Care.
  2. Agent shall identify itself as an authorized Agent of Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care only with respect to Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care services, and shall otherwise identify itself as an independent business or operator. e. Agent represents that it is not by law or agreement with others prohibited from entering into this Agreement with Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care.
  3. Agent shall not slander or libel Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care or its affiliates or employees or vendors or their products or services, nor shall Agent slander or libel Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care s’ competitors or the services or products of such competitors.
  4. Agent shall ensure that each product and service marketed to each customer is appropriate to the customer’s requirements.
  5. Agent shall avoid deceptive, misleading or unethical practices, and shall refrain from making any false or misleading representations, which are or might be detrimental to Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care, its products or services.
  6. Agent shall market and sell products with the recommended retail price range as determined by Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care.
  7. Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care reserves the right to contact directly any customer to whom agent has sold services or products to determine their satisfaction with Agent and the services or products.
  8. Agents are responsible for the payment of any taxes, including, without limitation, all national, and local personal and business income taxes, sales and use taxes, and any other business taxes and license fees arising out of the activities of Agent.
  9. All expenses for traveling, entertainment, office, clerical, maintenance, marketing, and general selling expenses that may be incurred by Agent in connection with this Agreement will be borne wholly by Agent. In no case shall Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care be responsible or liable for such expenses or costs, unless explicitly agreed to by Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care in writing prior to incurring said expenditure.



  1. Agent are required to submit a minimum of two orders every ninety days for their account to remain in active status. Each order values must comply to the minimum cart value for specified for bulk purchases by sales agents.
  2. Failure to place an order that (meets the requirements) within ninety-day order period will result in the Agent account being deactivated. To resume activity as an Agent, a new registration application will need to be lodged and will be subject to approval by Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care.
  3. Niche Hair Care reserves the right to refuse sale of its products to any entity.



  1. Agent shall indemnify Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care, and any affiliate, partner or subsidiary company of Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care, as well as all its officers, directors, shareholders, successors and assigns of each of the foregoing from all attendant losses, costs, liabilities, obligations, damages, and out-of-pocket costs or expenses (including interest, penalties and reasonable attorney’s fees and expense incurred in the investigation or defense of any of the same or in asserting any alleged act or omission of Agent, or the Agent’s employees, subcontractors or Agents in the performance of the activities contemplated hereby or any failure or inability of Agent to abide by any of the covenants set forth herein, including, but not limited
    1. (i) for all damages to person or property,
    2. (ii) for personal injuries, property damage or death that may be suffered or sustained by any third party, and
    3. (iii) for any claims against, or losses or liability of, Niche Group Holdings T/A Niche Hair Care or any affiliate company for any cause arising out of, or resulting from, default in the performance of, or the negligent performance of, any obligations of Agent under this Agreement.


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