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Straight Hair


Straight hair lays close the scalp and is typically prone to oiliness and a limp appearance

There are different ways of understanding your hair type. We use the traditional Hair Chart method as this often makes it easier for most people who are new to hair typing to figure out the best place to start for their hair. The Hair Chart is based on a numbering and lettering sequence.

Straight Hair is Type 1
Wavy Hair is Type 2
Curly Hair is Type 3
Coily Hair is Type 4

Within each hair type you will will get variations in the degree of curl tightness. This is graded from A – C with “A” being the looser variant and “C” representing a tighter variant for a particular group. So a Type 3A pattern is looser than a Type 3C pattern but a type 3C pattern is looser than a 4A.


Straight hair has very little to virtually no waves at all. This hair texture can range from fine to coarse strands. Straight hair is prone to oiliness and does not hold curls well.




Our Oat Protein & Henna Deep Cleansing Shampoo Uses A Natural Blend Of Botanicals That Leaves Hair Clean And Healthy With Increased Volume And Manageability.

Deep cleansing/clarifying your hair is a very important step as it removes product build up creating a clean base to shampoo the hair. Always follow up with a moisture retention shampoo after the Oat Protein

Top Tip

After using a clarifying shampoo it is important to follow up with a moisturising shampoo such as the Almond Avocado Detangling shampoo to impart moisture back into the hair

Celebrate the DIVERSITY in texture!

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